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February Student of the Month

Art: Louisa Weldy

Business: Moriah Woodall

English: Rachel Yvanovick

Health: Nick Chodak

Math: Marah Ali

Music: Emily Sandford

Phys. Ed.: Daquan Lopez

Science: Terrlyn Byrd

Social Studies: Owen Boice

Technology: Alex Wansha

World Language: Rachel Kelley

IHS School Wide: Chyna Dyck



March Student of the Month

Business: Ayana Chodak

English: Julie Cicotta

Math: Nya Robinson

Music: Dre Williams

Physical Education: Nasrudiin Jeylaani

Science: Andrew Bidwell

Social Studies: Martha Curtin

Technology: Camerucci- Gambacorta

World Language: Caroline Smith

IHS School Wide: Maddie Soufleris

Staff of the Month: Kelly Coye



April Students of the Month

Check out our students and staff of the month for April! Keep up the good work students and staff!


May Student of the Month

May students and staff of the month! Keep up the great work IHS students and staff!

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