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Change of Date for the BBQ

School BBQ


 On Tuesday, May 9th, there will be a barbeque held during the lunch periods (4th & 6th) to raise money for the Senior Prom.


Lunch will be $10 for staff, and $5 for students.  The menu will consist of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, veggie burgers, macaroni salad and more.  All proceeds will go towards funding the senior prom, so please come on out to enjoy the warm weather and the food. 


Spread the word to support the cause!!


Thank you!!

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And the winner is ...

On Wednesday, April 19th the Cosmetology Program held their 7th Annual Hair Show.

Please help me to congratulate last night's winners.


1st Place: Ydannya Rivera & Jahaira Valdez

2nd Place: Alyiah Stallings & Mehreen Morshed

3rd Place: Kayla Smith & Neveah Valez


Ms. Galluzzo would like to thank everyone for their patience and support!

A special shout out to those who attended the event. The cosmetology students and I really do appreciate your support.

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My Interpretation ...

Bringing everyone together while

Loving each other no matter the color of their skin.

Achieve your goals.

Chase your dreams while being



Harriet Tubman is an

Inspiration. Remember to

Stand up for yourself and

Treat everyone the same while

On the road to success.  Use

Rosa Parks as an example and

You can be whatever you want!

 By: Michael Tigre

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By Niara Frankson

Trump’s Immigration Ban


I’m pretty sure a lot of you have heard about Trump’s series of executive orders. One of them is restricting entry to the US from Middle Eastern countries that are primarily Muslim. People who were previously approved to enter the US with green cards, visas, or people with dual citizenships, were detained or sent back. There were even instances that planes weren’t even allowed to land. The odd thing is, that Trump didn’t place a ban on countries that he has business ties to. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates are all primarily Muslim countries that both have business ties with Trump but also have a history of being the home countries of several terrorists that have attacked the US. Yet they don’t have a ban placed on them. 18 out of 19 of the terrorists involved with 9/11 were from the 3 countries that are not included in the ban. Trump said in his executive order that he instituted the ban to protect the US from terrorist threats while his security team figures out better security measures. Trump is trying to deliver on his campaign promises to “Make America Great Again” by eliminating everyone from a certain region without screening. The courts blocked his executive order two times so far but he still wants to appeal the decision in the Supreme Court. Trump doesn’t seem to understand that checks and balances exist and he can’t do whatever he pleases. Hopefully, he comes to his senses. There’s no use in hoping he fails. That’s like us wanting the pilot to crash the plane that we’re on. That still doesn’t excuse his racist, misogynistic, and elitist   ideals.



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