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New eCommEd e-Lection Connection Curriculum Package includes everything High Schools need to conduct their own 2004 Presidential Election, on-line!

e-Lection Connection helps students learn by letting them participate in a live election

George W. Bush
George W. Bush

With the 2004 Presidential Election just around the corner, anytime between now and this November is an excellent time to teach high school students the importance of voting and how to participate in the election process. Instead of just lecturing them on these topics, however, your students would be much more seriously engaged if you could provide them an opportunity to actually participate in the upcoming election, right from your classroom.

The new E-Lection Connection Curriculum package provides everything high school teachers need to organize and conduct a 2004 Presidential election inside your school. This new Package includes:

John Kerry
John Kerry
Your students will use these resources to learn the fundamental concepts of political campaigning in the United States and have the opportunity to apply them to a live campaign. Your class will split into teams and perform real-world campaign-related jobs. Your in-school campaign can include all of the elements of the live 2004 Presidential election including: voter registration, campaign rallies, debates, polling exercises, political endorsements, publicity campaigns, and the actual election itself.

An election campaign developed with e-Lection Connection can be completed in as few as three and as many as eight weeks depending upon how long each high school desires the project to last.

You can order a license for your school on-line and pay for it now or be billed when the new budeget year begins. Contact Us now for more information and how to order e-Lection Connection.

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