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Ecommed teach your students how to run a successful e-commerce business
The eCommEd curriculum has been approved as both a full-year or half-year for-credit course in a high school's business education program, by the NYS Department of Education. Many schools have added it as a new course to their existing programs while others have used it to replace marketing, entrepreneurship, or computer applications courses that have grown outdated and suffered enrollment decline. Students in this course operate their own Internet-based publishing company, providing information about school and student events, activities, and achievements.

Template-Based and Wizard-Driven Websites
Until now, school districts had to depend on HTML experts to get information up on a website -- not any more! makes it possible for teachers and students with little computer experience and no knowledge of HTML or programming to develop and maintain great-looking websites, right from their classrooms.

Everything You Could Possibly Need is Included
In addition to the website, each eCommEd Package includes all of the resources you'll need:

Lesson Plans Designed to combine traditional lecture with activities necessary to operate the e-commerce business.
Student Activity Sheets Activities designed for the students that will compliment each lesson plan.
Student Supplements Supplemental material to a section of the course.
Tutorials A collection of tutorials to help teach key points in the e-commerce curriculum.
PowerPoint Presentations Key lesson plans in the curriculum are available in power point to help present material to the class.
Email & Phone Support Unlimited email & phone support.
Quizzes 10 Quizzes that touch on key areas of the curriculum.

eCommEd Curriculum Package - $2,475
Teaching success proven e-business concepts to students in which they will get to apply them to real-world tasks as employees of a real e-commerce business.

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Sample Materials: Teachers | Students

To Order eCommEd call: (518) 339-3506
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