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Does the eCommEd Teaching Method Work?

Here's what people involved in the eCommEd program have to say:

"I am so excited to be teaching this new e-commerce course. The growth of e-commerce and the Internet in this decade is having a dramatic impact on the way we live, learn, play and do business. This course gives students the insight and knowledge they need to compete and prosper in today's workplace. I like the flexibility of the course and of having options. I think this will be welcomed in any classroom! The students also create a unique dynamic to each class and really get a charge out of being treated like workers instead of kids."

Janice Lindsay
Business Education Teacher
Niskayuna High School

"From day one our eCommEd class has been a big hit with the students. I have even been approached by students who keep asking if they can be added to the class. How many times does that happen in high schools? My eCommEd students are anxious to do the work and really like the fact that it is "real," as opposed to just another class assignment. The idea of is perfect, combining a high school sports information web site with an e-commerce business. It's a great way for students to learn how to operate a business, whether using the on-line or traditional model"

Dave Denofio
Business Education Teacher
Schenectady High School

"If done correctly, e-commerce is a practical tool for local businesses to expand their market bases and withstand seasonal sales cycles. eCommEd offers a wonderful opportunity for our youth to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to assume leadership roles in e-commerce initiatives in regional businesses. Not only do they gain skills in web site development, but they learn to generate a business plan, develop marketing strategies, establish product distribution processes, and utilize sales and marketing analysis tools. These are all skills which enable students to become positive contributors to our work force and community at large."

Ed Baker
Dean of Continuing Education

"Students involved in the eCommEd course learn fundamental business skills…The program is a great way for students to learn modern business skills in a creative, hands-on way, while schools enjoy the publicity and revenues the student business generates."

Business & Marketing Education Newsletter, March 2001
New York State Education Department

"eCommEd is providing the students at Schenectady High School with the unique opportunity to operate their own student-run e-commerce business. Our students are in involved in all the aspects of forming and running a real-world company, right from their classroom. This innovative approach, which links school to careers, also incorporates academic skills such as English Language Arts and Mathematics. eCommEd is providing SHS students with skills that will help them be successful students and workers in the 21st Century economy. Observing these students in class quickly finds one participating with them in this quality program."

Dr. John Falco
Schenectady School District

"This new e-commerce course provides many new opportunities to learn about business over the Internet. I see this as a chance to experience what the future of business is. The course teaches the rules and aspects of e-commerce from advertising to selling products online. The course seems well organized as to how it'll be taught..."

eCommEd Student
Niskayuna High School

"It's so exciting to be learning about the future of business. There is so much to learn about e-commerce. I know I'll be using this knowledge throughout the rest of my life."

eCommEd Student
Niskayuna High School

"I'm taking the [eCommEd] course because I want to learn more about the Internet and its uses. The course is interesting because you have almost unlimited freedom to create and design your own web page. You can write your own stories and edit them yourself so they can say what you want them to say."

eCommEd Student
Schenectady High School

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