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eCommPublishing Kit Curriculum Guide

Step 1 Supplement

Seeking Administrative Approval for an eCommPublishing Project

Here’s a suggested approach for seeking administrative approval for an eCommPublishing project in your high school:

Imagine our high school’s best student writers signing a publishing deal to write a book of short stories that each takes place in our community. The company that publishes the book initiates a professional marketing and publicity campaign that turns these student authors into local celebrities. They get interviewed by the local media, attend book signings and have their stories and their biographies promoted at a live Web site. Pretty soon, every student in our school and every resident of our community is talking about this new book and waiting for its release date. When that date arrives, hundreds of copies of the book are sold generating thousands of dollars in profits.

That’s exactly what happened to a dozen student authors at Galway Central School during the 2009 school year. Their book of short stories and poems depicting what life is like in their community, sold about 300 copies at $15 each. Guess who published Galway’s book and helped make it such a commercial success? An e-commerce class in their high school converted itself into a real-world publishing company and did all the work involved as a project right from inside their classroom.

They used a resource called the eCommPublishing Project Kit and I’d like your approval to do one of these same projects here in our school with my students from inside my classroom. The Project Kit includes all of the lesson plans, management, and marketing resources I’ll need to oversee the activity to a successful completion.

Here are four great reasons why our high school should consider joining Galway.

Reason Number 1: The Project Motivates Students to Become Better Writers
Good writing skills are critical to our students’ ability to succeed in the 21st century workplace. An eCommPublishing project at our high school will serve to motivate our student body to write and to become better writers.

Reason Number 2: The Project Helps Teachers More Effectively Engage Their Students
Study after study have found that the classroom engagement level of a high school student is directly effected by the student’s ability to connect what is being taught to knowledge and skills he or she will need to succeed in life after school. An eCommPublishing project will help teachers in both our school’s English and Business Departments more quickly and effectively make this connection for their students.

Reason Number 3: The Project Builds Community Support for Our High School
Community awareness and support is essential to the long-term success of the educational mission of every High School. Unfortunately, today’s High Schools don’t have staff or budget necessary to dedicate to building community awareness of its programs. An eCommPublishing project will make our community much more aware of the level of academic skills and accomplishments our students achieve and all the PR work involved in building this powerful and positive buzz will be performed by the students themselves.

Reason Number 4: Full Funding is Available
The fee to license the eCommPublishing Kit is $499. There are a limited number of full funding grants available to first-year user schools on a first come-first awarded basis. There’s absolutely no commitment involved here. We can accept the grant or not accept it. If we do, we are under no obligation to continue using the eCommPublishing Kit again next year. I’d like your permission to apply for one of these grants at this time. The completed grant application is attached for your approval.

The company that created the eCommPublishing Kit is Genium Group Inc. of Amsterdam, NY. Over 100 high schools around the state have used Genium’s teaching kits to teach the fundamental concepts of doing business and marketing online. In 2005, Genium won the New York State Business Teachers Association Friend of Business Education Award for making it possible for business teachers to bring the real-world workplace inside their classrooms.

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