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eCommPublishing Kit Curriculum Guide

Step 2 Supplement

Seeking Cooperation of your School’s English Department

Here’s a suggested approach your school’s Business Department can use when seeking the cooperation of your school’s English Department for an eCommPublishing project

The Business Department would like to provide students an opportunity to become involved in a real-world business experience during the upcoming semester. We want to make it possible for these students to form their own company that produces and sells its own product. We want that product to be something that every student, parent, staff member, and resident of this community would consider purchasing and we want that product to be something that makes our community more aware of the great things the students and staff in this building accomplish.

We need your help and the help of your students to make this possible. The product we’d like this student-run business to sell is a book of short stories written by the most creative student writers in this school. We want each story to have this community as its setting and we want the storyline to portray what life in this community is, was or would be like for the story’s main character or characters. For the sake of an example, we want your students to try and capture the essence of life in this community in a way similar to how William Kennedy captured the essence of life in Albany, NY in his novels.

We need a total of at least 25,000 words to complete the book we’re thinking of publishing. As an example, if we have five great stories to include, each of them on average must be 5,000-words in length. If we include ten stories, the average length would need to be 2,500 words. The stories don’t each have to be the same length and we can exceed 25,000 words if the material warrants inclusion, but what we’re looking for is 25,000 words worth of the best stories your best writers can produce.

What’s in it for these students? Well for one, we intend to make them celebrities in this community. They will be featured at our Company’s web site and hopefully interviewed by the local newspaper, invited to appear on radio talk shows, do book signings and appear at an assortment of events. Secondly, if we are successful selling ### copies of the Book, we will give these authors a total of $### worth of savings bonds as a bonus. Third, being selected for this project and actually getting published will be an outstanding addition to each student-author’s college application.

What’s in it for your Department? This project provides a new tool that you can use to get your students more excited about writing and more motivated to use and improve their writing skills. Also, a key goal of this project is to make sure the entire community gets to see, enjoy, and celebrate the results of your teaching dedication to these students.

Note: Be prepared to explain how they can participate as teachers without significantly increasing their respective workloads. This can be accomplished by being ready to suggest more than one approach for securing the stories necessary to create the Book. For example, teachers in the department could simply select the best student writers in the school to write the stories. This selection would be construed and treated as an honor and those students selected would respond by creating the best piece of writing they possibly can. Make sure you also suggest they investigate the National Novel Writing Month Young Writer’s Program.

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