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eCommPublishing Kit Curriculum Guide

Step 10 Supplement

Sample Proposition Letter for Retail Sales Location

Note: This is a sample of a letter that can be sent to appropriate retail businesses in your community, offering them an opportunity to sell copies of your book at their location. Your letter should be placed on your Company stationery. Bold red copy indicates items that must be changed to refer to your specific eCommPublishing project details.

November 10, 2008

Mr. William Smith
Store Manager
Stewart’s Shoppe
111 Roman Avenue
Amsterdam, NY 12010

Dear Mr. Smith,

A new book of stories about Amsterdam, NY will be available for sale on December 1, 20xx. When it is released, a major publicity campaign will assure it is promoted in our local newspaper, on area radio stations and on the Internet. A Book Club is also being created to build an even bigger buzz about the book. When the book is released, therefore, every resident of our community will have read or heard something about it. We’d like you to consider selling copies at your store on Guy Park Avenue.

The title of the book is Thirty Minutes West of Albany. It consists of five fictional stories that take place in our community. The stories were written by some of the best student writers in the Amsterdam High School. This book will be published by Rug City Student Press, a company managed and staffed by Amsterdam High School students enrolled in Mr. David Wilson’s Marketing class. All profits generated from this book sale will be used to purchase resources to update our High School’s business education program.

The suggested list price of Thirty Minutes West of Albany is $15.00 per copy. Rug City Student Press will sell your business copies at the wholesale price of $10.00 per copy. We suggest you test the product by ordering ten copies at this time. The books dimensions are 5 1/2" wide by 8" in length, small enough to stack on your store’s checkout counter or place on the shelf alongside the local newspaper. Students in our High School’s Art program have designed colorful window posters and counter-top fliers to let shoppers know that your store is selling the book.

When you agree to sell the book, our Company will include a listing for your Store as a retail sales location for the book at our Web site and in all promotional and publicity efforts we conduct. We hope you’ll consider this unique opportunity to sell and profit from a product that is made in our community, is about our community, to be enjoyed by our community. I will be visiting your store next Monday, November 17 at 3:30 PM to follow up this written invitation. If you like this opportunity for your store, could you please get any necessary approvals permitting your store to sell our book before that date? If you have any questions regarding this opportunity or our Company, feel free to call our instructor, David Wilson, at 555-3777.


Joseph Tiant
Sales Coordinator

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